About us

The European Perspective is an initiative of Rafa Font, an IT Engineer working in the European institutions, who wants to explore what it means to be European.

This is the European connection. This is a place to connect with what Europeans -like you – do, write and think. This is a newsletter written in the People’s Republic of Europe.

How we write

Every article of The European Perspective covers one single story.

Every story is about European people. It’s not about the political or institutional Europe. Other outlets cover it better than us. We want to know what European individuals do, say and think.

In every story, we will explore the links among the protagonists, looking for the European connection.

Every story will have feet in three or four countries, it will be trans-European. Like this, we can start to discover if there is a European cultural layer. We will filter out non-European content to discover hidden gems with European roots.

Come with us!